Research (IN PROGRESS)  

Coady, M. (2019-2020) (Principal Investigator), An exploratory study of resilience among primary health care provides in Nova Scotia. All health professions face numerous stressors within their clinical practice, including time pressures, workload demands, multiple roles, and emotional issues. Continued exposure to these environmental stressors can seriously impact the physical and mental wellbeing of professionals, resulting in burnout and, in  some cases, traumatic stress-like symptoms. In turn, these negative outcomes can contribute to health professionals experiencing a disproportionate share of stress related illnesses including coronary disease, substance abuse, and high suicides rates. Not only is the wellbeing of the health professional impacted, but also their ability to practice effectively in caring for others. This exploratory study is undertaken in collaboration with Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA). Our shared interest is research that informs structures and processes that can be put in place to support adult learning that reduces negative, and increases positive, outcomes of stress and burnout among these health professionals. SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG) ($7000).

Research (COMPLETED)

Coady, M. (2016). (Principal Investigator), Enhancing and evaluating interprofessional  learning for collaborative practice. Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, Research Enterprise Development (REDI) Grant ($10,000). This is a knowledge synthesis project updating interprofessional education (IPE) literature. The focus is on interprofessional learning as a focal point in IPE teaching, program planning and evaluation across the IPE continuum.

Boyle, T. & Coady. M. (2016). (Co-investigator), SafetyNET–Rx Online: Sustaining a leading community pharmacy medication error initiative through e-learning. This is a Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation Knowledge Sharing Grant ($10,000) exploring online community pharmacy training program for pharmacists. The online course is instructing on new standards of practice pertaining to reporting medication errors and continuous quality improvement (CQI). My contribution will focus on adult and online learning.

Coady, M. (2015). Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration as primary health care reform: A rural Nova Scotia case study. This approved research is examining learning successes and challenges for interdisciplinary health care teams transitioning to Nova Scotia’s new Collaborative Care Model of health service delivery in two rural communities. This research will encompass and build on my existing research into professional learning and the continuing professional education of health professionals. StFX University Research Council (UCR) Grant ($3000).

Coady, M. (2014). Promoting adult health learning in community-based screening programs with culturally diverse and geographically isolated populations: A study of African Nova Scotian and First Nations communities in Northeastern Nova Scotia. This planned research will explore adult health learning in community-based screening programs with culturally diverse, geographically isolated populations.

Coady, M. (2013). Fostering professional learning and collaboration through mentoring: Strengthening primary health care reform in Northeastern Nova Scotia. This research explored mentoring as a model for fostering professional learning, collaboration and teamwork in health practice.

Coady, M. (2012). Professional learning and transformation in a community-based health education program: The case of one multidisciplinary health care team. This research explored the learning of multi-disciplinary health professionals as they navigated teamwork and collaboration in the delivery of a 5-year rehabilitation/ education programs in rural community settings.

Coady, M. (2011). Assessing adult learning in a community-based cardiovascular education/rehabilitation program: A pilot study. This research explored adult learning in group programs delivered in rural community settings, and pedagogical considerations for fostering sustained adult health learning and transformation in community settings. StFX University Research Council (UCR) Grant ($3000).

Coady, M. (2007). Enabling volunteer learning and engagement in district health planning: A rural Canadian case study. (PhD dissertation). In the context of decentralization of health decision-making, this 2-year case study explored how volunteer  engagement and learning  in localized health planning is best supported.